Auskick is an introductory program to Australian Rules Football teaching the basic skills of the game which include kicking, marking, handball, picking up, bouncing, evasion and ruck work. Along with learning the basic skills, kids get to experience fun games and play a modified version of AFL.

AFL Auskick is NON CONTACT which makes it suitable for GIRLS and BOYS from the ages of 5 to 12 years old to participate (or 4yo kinder to grade 6). Not only will the kids have fun, but parents are encouraged to get involved and have just as much fun. Auskick is runs for 19 weeks, every Friday with each session going for up to 1.5 hours.

There are many questions that parents want to know about Auskick before starting or even registering. Below are some of the main ones we get asked.



  • What are the costs?
    • The cost of the program can differ from state to state and centre to centre. The price for a Community based NAB AFL Auskick centre is $96
  • When Does Auskick Start?
    • 19th March, 2021
  • How Long does the season run for?
    • 19 week schedule: 19/03/21
  • What age can children play?
    • The NAB AFL Auskick program is for primary school aged children 5 to 12. (Children must turn 5 in the calendar year to participate)
  • What should children wear to Auskick?
    • There is really no set uniform for Auskick sessions, just general sports clothing and either runners for football boots will be fine. Many kids also like to wear their favourite team’s colours and jumpers.
  • How long does an Auskick session run for?
    • 90 Minutes
  • Can I pay cash on my first day of Auskick?
    • NO CASH is taken by our Auskick centre. All payments for NAB AFL Auskick are made online at the time of registration.
  • Can I still register mid-way through the season?
    • You can certainly still register and go along to the next available session throughout the season.   Football packs will be available throughout the season.
  • My child is at kindergarten, how can I select a school on the registration form?
    • The system does not have kindergartens listed individually, please type in All Kindergartens and then Find, this will add Kindergarten as the school option for your child.
  • I can’t select my school on the registration form?
    • All schools should be on the list. Please ensure that the correct full name is entered including any apostrophes. If your school isn’t included on the list you will be able to select the “can’t find my school” option which will allow you to proceed.
  • How Long will it take to receive my pack?
    • For those participants who register from January to late February your packs will be delivered to your home address in early March, prior to the Auskick season starting in April. If you register from late February onwards, your pack will be delivered to your home address within 14 days of registering and paying.
  • Can I receive a refund?
    • We understand that at times circumstances change for families and your child can not longer participate in the NAB AFL Auskick program. Please contact the State Office and they will inform you of the refund policy and process. If the pack delivery information has been sent to the mail house, then you will need to receive the pack, and return it to us in order to receive a refund.
  • How to Join/Register with KPFC?
    • The NAB AFL Auskick program at Keilor Park makes learning to play AFL fun, safe and easy for boys and girls. Through weekly coaching sessions children will learn the skills of the game in an exciting, social and safe environment, catering for children from Kindergarten through to Grade 6.  CLICK HERE for our registration page
  • Weekly Newsletter from KPFC?
    • At Keilor Park Football Club we have a weekly newsletter for parents and children to read  CLICK HERE

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