Interested in being part of something special and fun, then hopefully we have a role outside of playing and cheering for you in 2021.

So, let’s get started with a description of the core roles of any committee, the President, Secretary and Treasurer.

  • President: Oversee all aspects of the club through the efforts of the executive committee members. A Child Safety Officer also reports directly to the President, so any issues impacting child safety are given the highest of priorities for immediate action. <Link to Position Description>
  • Secretary: Provides the administration and communication essential for the effective operation of a club committee. To assist with communication throughout the club, the club media manager is also part of the secretary portfolio.
    <Link to Position Description>
  • Treasurer: Provides the financial management across all income and expenses. The club uses an accounting package called MYOB to manage accounts. The submission of grants and administration of merchandise also forms part of the treasurer portfolio.  <Link to Position Description>

So remember to contact to lodge your committee interest or queries, or ask any of our current committee members for advice.

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