All information for club executive committee roles have now been posted.  So, let’s get active and find the right people to lead this club into 2021. All the existing roles will be vacated at the AGM, so plenty of opportunity to help out.

Even job sharing a role, like we did this year with the secretary role, is an option as is getting a group of close friends together to focus on a particular area of interest (eg: running events for the men, past players, women or the junior parts of the club)

Remember; the club doesn’t function on fairy dust, but on volunteers who want to be part of something fun and amazing, like “the relaunch of KPFC post COVID”.

Nominations or queries for all 8 committee positions must be received by Wed 26/08/2020

President, Secretary and Treasurer information

Football Executive, Women President & Junior President information

Membership Executive

Services Executive

* All elected committee members are eligible to be Vice President, which will be voted on post the AGM.


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