Thank you to all those who nominated for positions on the KPFC Executive Committee for 2021.   We’ve received nominations from past playing champions, 4 past presidents and some new first year candidates wth fresh ideas, which is an amazing mix of talents.
How the AGM will work –
  • Only members are invited, which includes –
    • all past and present players
    • Current Sports club members
    • Life Members
    • Parent or guardians of current junior players.
  • A ZOOM link will be sent out 24 hours before the AGM via
    • Men and Women senior players Facebook sites
    • Emailed out to all members who are registered on our website (850 people)
  • If not included in the above, simply email asking for the AGM link and it will be emailed out direct to you
  • AGM will only last 30min and will start 7:00pm on Monday 31st Aug and will include –
    • 2020 President summary
    • 2020 Financial Position
    • Endorsement of 2021 Committee nominations
    • Questions
  • The AGM cannot start unless we have a minimum of 20 members in attendance, so click the link and see how we finished up 2020 and help welcome in the new committee for 2021
  • As no multiple nominations for a role were received no voting will be required this year

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