TAC – Getting us to the footy safely

You would have noticed the Parker Post has been emphasising over the last month the key messages of the Traffic Accident Commission campaign to reduce road fatalities to zero.

The TAC Towards Zero web site has https://www.towardszero.vic.gov.au has a wealth of information to educate everyone, especially young drivers with the key messages being –

What TAC are doing?

  1. Safety Barriers Saves live – 1,700 lives potentially saved in 2017)
  2. Safer Roads  – Slow down with speed humps, round-a-bouts etc..
  3. Safe Speeds – reviewing and reducing speed limits in high risk area
  4. Safer Vehicles – Getting dangerous vehicles off the road

What you can do?

  1. Be a role model of safe road behavior
  2. Drive at safe and legal speeds
  3. DON’T drink & drive
  4. Keep eyes on road
  5. Put you phone away (glove box)
  6. Check children have seats belts on every drive
  7. No matter the age, don’t ever become complacent on our roads

Are you doing everything you can to ensure your family get to the footy and home safely?

We are also proud to have MetroUtility as our major sponsor and promoter of safe driving. You’ll notice Metroutility workers keeping drivers safe during major road works around he community.  Toot your horn if you see Marcus, Keti, Ricky or Ross on the job.