Round 1 Juniors Newsletter


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ROUND 1 – April 2

  • U09 – 8:30 Keilor Park v Northern Saints
  • U11 – 9:45 Keilor Park v West Coburg (D7)
  • U13 – 11:00 Keilor Park v Aberfeldie (D4)
  • U15 – 12:30 Keilor Park v Craigieburn (D4)
  • U17 – 02:20 Keilor Park v Greenvale (D5)


Remember Juniors – get in and practise the Keilor Park Football Club Song – you are going to need to know it !!
Keilor Park Football Club Theme Song – As sung by our Senior Team



KEILOR PARK is our name and football is our game to be the premiers, is our aim.

When the team work is going the goals keep on flowing for the boys in the orange and green.


We’re a club full of champions a team of good mates,

we can beat all the others, we’ve got what it takes.

So when the season is done, we will be number one. 


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