Ross Maranzarno






  • To provide strong, efficient and effective leadership for the Club.
  • To ensure the Club promotes the participation and achievement of the senior football teams at the highest level and that all junior members are given the highest level of coaching and competition to promote their development to senior ranks within the Club.
  • Ensure the Club is run efficiently administratively, financially and socially to support the on field activities.
  • To provide support to the Executive and Committee members to ensure the efficient operation of the Club.
  • To provide a safe an enjoyable recreational environment for all Club members and ensure all football activities are played in a competitive and fair spirit.


  • Ensure sub committee’s and committee members fulfil their responsibilities to the Club.
  • Preside at all meetings of the Club Committee.
  • Report activities of the portfolio to the membership at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Assist other Committee members in their duties as required.
  • Undertake tasks at the request of the President, Executive or General Committee.


  • Reports to the Members and General Committee of the Club.
  • Acts as or ensure his/her delegate acts in the best interests of the Club at League, or Delegates Meetings.
  • Supports all Managers, Committee Members and football staff.


  • The President is accountable to the Members and the General Committee.
  • Provide a report on portfolio operations to the monthly Committee meeting.
  • Seek ratification from the appropriate Committee member prior to committing the Club to any financial expenditure or action.

Description Review

  • The job description will be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure that it remains current and practical.