Player Driven Club Fundraiser

WHEN: Friday 31st Aug @ 7:30 -11:00pm


WHAT: Player Driven Club Fundraiser with 120+ friends


  • Thank you to Lucas Venuta (Under 17) for coordinating the event (centre of attached photo)
  • Thank you to Beecham, Stella, Davies, Johnstone, Anthony, Venuta & McGrady families for chaperoning
  • Thank you to (Under 15) AJ, Danny, Niko and (Under 17) Michael, Liam, Daniel, Randy, Pearce, Callum, Kye, Nick & Lucas who not only partied hard, but also helped the smooth running of the night
  • Thank you to the 120+ friends from local schools including StBernards, Rosehill, StColumbas, Buckley and Ave who attended the night and behaved beautifully
  • Party rocked hard until 11pm and the place is still standing today