KPFC Welcome Aboard Livestrong Primal Fitness for 2017!

Keilor Park Football Club welcome aboard Livestrong Primal Fitness for Season 2017!

Our Senior teams will benefit from several sessions in the Livestrong Primal Fitness studio throughout the year, along with extra Injury Management sessions for Injured players.

Livestrong is local to the Keilor Park area and will also be offering the following discounts to all Keilor Park FC members:

  • Discounted Primal Group membership rate of $84 per fortnight (normally $94 per fortnight). Available to ALL KPFC members (non-playing members included!)
  • 50% off Primal Pattern PT sessions = $55 (2 x 30 min PT sessions to be completed prior to beginning Primal Group membership, valued at $110)
  • 50% discount on individualised meal plans = $150 (valued at $300) including:
    • Comprehensive questionnaires
    • 10 day food diary
    • 1 hour consultation
    • 28 day suggested meal plan
    • Additional nutrition consultations can be purchased at $150 per hour
  • 4 x 30 minute presentations on player performance covering topics such as:
    • Importance of mobilisation and stretching
    • Role of food in recovery
    • Injury prevention
    • Improving posture
    • Differences between machine based training and functional movement
    • Effects of stress on the body


For more information, please visit the Livestrong Primal Fitness Website –

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