Kick Starting KPFC 2019+

Background: After the withdrawal of our Men’s Senior Team for 2018, the committee made a commitment to our supporters and players that we would review every aspect of how we run football operations, whilst also developing a sustainable 3 year plan to ensure we never find ourselves in this situation again. So to kick start our return to Senior Football in 2019 and beyond, we will be holding an initial kickoff session to hear from our KP faithful on past issues and future solutions. The session is open to everyone from retired & past players, families, friends and anyone with an interest in seeing the Senior Men’s Devil return in 2019.

What: Kick Start KPFC for 2019 and beyond

When: Monday 28th May 7:00pm

Where: Keilor Park Sports Club

How: Sports Community is a sporting professional consulting group who have been engaged to work with the KP community in developing a 3 year business plan to ensure KPFC initially get their senior team back on the park, but more importantly ensure sustained success and growth for the long term.


  1. A few points that i have seen and tried to find solutions for over the years:
    1. Keep a contact list of Past Presidents, Committee and Players so that they could be invited back to Mid year functions or end of year functions?
    2. Gus Barmby and myself got up and running the Olds & Bolds game before the first game of the year for a few years, however the club showed very little interest and that idea is i believe now dead.
    3. Players who made AFL, Players who were B&F in the EDFL what did the club do to invite them back for special days?? as the above.

    Gavin Lee
    Past player, Committeman, & President

  2. Hi Gavin,
    Be great to have you down for our kick Starting the Seniors forum if available. The points you’ve made are definitely areas that have been identified as requiring much greater focus and something that has been dropped in recent years. I’m not sure why or how, but I know Matt Wilson is trying to pull together a contact list to reignite past player/committee/supporters groups and functions.

    Any ideas you have I know Matt would be most grateful.

    Peter McGrady
    Club Treasurer

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