Important News Announcement

  • NEW Club Treasurer: After many years of running the Junior program, Peter McGrady has changed roles to become the Club Treasurer, responsible for all finances for club, junior and senior teams.   In this role, Peter aims to help the club continue to achieve sustainable growth, whilst ensuring the KP senior men’s team returns in 2019.   But he’s not leaving the juniors behind.    To make the role of Junior Coordinator easier for the next person, he will transition all junior merchandise and registration processes into the Treasurer role, which means the next junior coordinator only needs to worry about true football matters. He will also continue as our Auskick Coordinator.


  • NOW WANTED: NEW Junior Coordinator is needed for season 2019, but needs to start before end of season.    The role is supported by a group of experience parents who already run fundraisers, manage teams and coaching.   The role will actually report to our Club Development Manager, Matthew Wilson, who will provide direction and support on how to develop our children and culture across the junior ranks.    Also, as all finance related activities will be transitioned to the Treasurer role, they will be supported by the Treasurer (aka previous Junior Co) all season.  If interested in a pure football coordinator/management role, please email Peter McGrady or contact him direct.