George Corredig

A message from Peter Corredig – Seniors Captain/Media Manager

It is with terrible sadness that Mum and I would like to inform anyone that we haven’t already told, that George Corredig, our Husband, Dad and mate, passed away suddenly on Tuesday (27/06/2017) morning. 

He was a wonderful man, always happy and easy going. He was taken far too young and we will miss him forever.

Thank you so much for all your support and love. We couldn’t get through this terrible time without it.

Rest in peace big man. Thank you again,
The Corredigs



  • To ensure that a financial management system and reporting system is put in place and operable so the Club committee has an accurate, true and correct understanding of the financial status of the Club at all times.
  • To provide support to the Executive and Committee members to ensure the efficient operation of the Club. Responsibilities
  • Prepare the annual budget of the Club for presentation at the February Committee meeting (the draft budget having earlier been formulated by the Club Executive).
  • Ensure all Managers and general committee members do not exceed authority ceilings for financial expenditure without reference to the General Committee.
  • Promptly attend to general banking activities.
  • Maintain appropriate accounts of all income and expenditure and associated audit trails, e.g. receipts.
  • Report monthly to the Club Committee on budget performance.
  • Present all accounts for payment for approval.
  • Prioritise payment of accounts.
  • Make details of all accounts available to the Club Committee and members as provided in the Corporate Affairs Act.
  • Oversee and seek reports of all other accounts held by sections of the Club.
  • Manage any overdraft facility held by the Club.
  • Ensure any surpluses are invested wisely after approval by the Committee.
  • Ensure all taxation commitments are met by the Club.
  • Issue tax certificates to employees as required under the Act.
  • Ensure the Club finances are correctly audited.
  • Report activities of the portfolio to the membership at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Assist other Committee members in their duties as required.
  • Undertake tasks at the request of the President, Executive or General Committee.
  • Maintain and complete all salary cap reporting requirements.
  • Relationships
  • Reports to the Club Committee.
  • Liaises with the Executive.
  • Liaises with official Club suppliers & other key stakeholders.


  • The Treasurer is accountable to the President and the General Committee.
  • The Treasurer shall seek ratification from the General Committee of a Club budget, including debt reduction and there after shall have the authority to act within the limits of the budget and strategy approve.
  • The Treasurer shall provide a monthly report to the General Committee of all financial transactions.

Description Review

  • The job description will be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure that it remains current and practical.