Daniel Raudino – 2019 North West AFCA Coach of the Year

The Keilor Park Football Club is happy to announce that our U13 Coach Daniel Raudino has been named the 2019 North West AFCA Coach of the Year in the Youth (U13-U17) Coaching Category.

Daniel took on the coaching role and helped coach the merged KPFC/APW team.  He inspired the kids to be proud of themselves no matter what happened and encouraged them to continue loving the game.

They say sport conquers all sorts of barriers and this is no truer than with the U13 merge team. Daniel had a diverse team of players and families, each with different level of passion and alignment to their clubs.  The challenge was how to get them working together and forgetting about prejudices and which club they came from. He achieved this by treating both teams the same and calling them 3042  (Post Code for KP and APW)

The nomination was driven by the u13 families with such amazing testimonials as –

“I would say that his stand out quality to me is his passion for getting the best from every player regardless of what that best looks like. Also his expressions of pride week in week out win or lose.

“One of many instances that Daniel made Tara feel like she belonged there especially when she was doubting being the only girl at training most of the time and had a bit of a cry because she felt a little bit intimidated he pulled her to the side and said to her whenever you feel like this you come to me and we will work it out. I will even get warren to train you on your own, but never ever feel like you don’t belong here because you are awesome and one of my better player”

“Daniel is amazing , It was so wonderful to see how he brought these two teams together. The boy’s didn’t know each other’s names to begin with. He helped them built a great Kameraderie & friendship in such a short time. He gave everyone a fair go , and my husband and I have great respect for Daniel and our other coaches. I can’t thank him enough!”