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Club Treasurer Position Vacant

With the sad passing of our 2017 Club Treasurer, we are again looking for someone interested in running the club accounts (Senior & Junior).   They need to be experienced with MYOB and have some financial administrative background.      The role primarily involves paying bills, preparing monthly financial reports and annual budgets.

After a few years of financial struggles, our finances are in a solid state again.   We’ve paid off our debt and now have all our financials structured and managed within the MYOB financial management system.  For those that know the MYOB Financial System, it produces all the reports, budgets & tax statements you need, as well as recording all payments and income received.   The system is accessible from a home computer or a club laptop dedicated to the Treasurer position.

The role is open to anyone interested from all levels of the club.   No need for a football background, as this will be provided by the Club Committee & Football Department, but the role does provides incredible insight into how Football Leagues and Sporting clubs operate.

The Clubs Sponsorship Manager is currently doing the role until Christmas, but cannot do both roles into the new year.     But he will be available to induct initially and continue to assist the NEW treasurer throughout the year, as will the entire Club Committee.   The role requires no additional attendance to games or functions than what you would already attend, other than a monthly committee meeting.

Anyone interested please let me know.

KPFC Treasurer – Position Description

Thank you,
Peter McGrady
Junior Coordinator

Pre Season Training 2018

KPFC pre-season training dates are now confirmed as below

  • Senior, Reserves & Under 19 pre-season training commences every Monday & Wednesday (6:00pm-7:30pm), starting Monday 13th November.
  • Under 17 pre-season training commences every Monday 6:00pm, starting Monday 13th November.
  • Under 15 pre-season training commences every Friday (5:30pm – 7:00pm), starting Friday 17th November
  • Under 11 & Under 13 pre-season training commences every Wednesday and Friday (5:30pm – 6:30pm), starting Friday 2nd February
  • Under 9 training will commence early March (TBA)

Women’s League 2018 UPDATE!

Keilor Park Football Club in partnership with Livestrong Primal Fitness are excited to announce we will be fielding a Women’s team in Season 2018.

We invite you to be a part of this once in a lifetime opportunity of our first ever Women’s Team with Livestrong on board as the teams Major Sponsor. Not only will we have an excellent football training program, but will be incorporating sessions at the Livestrong Gym – just a stones throw from our Club rooms – (Livestrong – Unit 2, 1-9 Thomsons Road, Keilor Park)

Other Points to mention:

  • Club room facility upgrade has just been approved to incorporate a womens change room with their own toilet/shower facilities with direct access to medical and social rooms
  • Be involved in the design of our womens range of apparel for your first season, including game day jumpers.
  • Session on 7th October to be incorporated with charity training event at Livestrong with AFL players (TBC)

Training and information Sessions will be as follows

  • Saturday 7th October – Charity event at Livestrong Primal Fitness

Simply fill out the form below to register your interest or for more information.


Sports Bar Closure

Due to a Junior function Commencing at 7:30pm on Friday July 14th, the Sports Bar will be closed to service of Alcohol.

Thank you for the co-operation so that the junior may enjoy this alcohol FREE event!