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Cast Your Vote – A Chance At A New Scoreboard

We’ve been selected for Pick My Project to get our Scoreboard REPLACED !!

Keilor Park Football Club have been lucky enough to be chosen as one of 30 clubs/groups to go into the running for funding through the ‘Pick My Project’ initiative.   Our aim is to get funding to have our scoreboard replaced.

What do we need ? Your help

How ? Simply by voting on the website

Voting opens Monday (13-08-2018) and you need to live within 5 km of the club to vote so put family/friends addresses to vote. (I voted with just using – Stadium Drive, 3042 – Sue – DESC Designs)

Steps –

  1. Go to
  2. You will need to Register if you don’t already have an account.
  3. In the “Set You Location”  search box enter Keilor Park
  4. Click “Confirm your Location”.   You can only vote for projects within 5km of your location. You will need to add your address in the area. Feel free to use a friends address if you live more than 5km away.
  5. All the projects in the running will be displayed
  6. You must shortlist 3 projects to vote on.
  7. Make sure you choose the one for the new scoreboard as shown in attachment as #1.
  8. Chose any other 2 projects.
  9. Once you have shortlisted you 3 projects. They will all be displayed then choose the VOTE NOW button
  10. You will then receive a SMS verification code which needs to be entered.

AND your DONE.

It’s that simple. Get all your family members and friends to vote.


Electronic scoreboard installation at Recreation Reserve, Stadium Drive, Keilor Park – For the benefit of football|cricket club participants, spectators, etc

We would like to install an electronic scoreboard to replace our old and somewhat unsafe manual one. The project is pretty straightforward, has numerous community benefits and has been implemented by many other local clubs. An electronic scoreboard is basically a large video screen and aside from being able to display the scores and other important match information, it also is able to display videos, replays, live television, logos and sponsorship displays.

The electronic scoreboard will benefit all the thousands of local users of our oval (football and cricket players, official, volunteers and spectators). Aside from the enhanced match day experience for all the oval attendees, it will save the club volunteers a significant amount of time to run it on match day, be safer, save in maintenance as well as being able to be significant revenue generator from sponsorship dollars. Revenue will then be able to be invested back into our non for profit football and cricket clubs to provide further community value and increase participation in active sport.

2019 Coaching Staff




The Keilor Park Football Club is seeking enthusiastic and experienced individuals to apply for coaching and operational roles in its Division 2 Senior Football Program for season 2019.

We welcome all applicants to submit their interest in any of the vacancies below:

  • Seniors and Assistant Coach
  • Reserves and Assistant Coach
  • Under 19’s and Assistant Coach
  • Operations Manager

Please outline accreditation details, previous coaching experience, coaching aspirations and attributes you can bring to the Keilor Park Football Club as part of your application.

Expressions of interest, including contact details should be received by the Football Coaching Sub-Committee ( by close of business Friday 03/08/2018.

All applications will be kept in strict confidence, but it’s essential a new coach is identified and appointed before the end of season 2018.

Yours Sincerely
Brad Davies – President
Keilor Park Football Club
0421 283 327

PO Box 349, Niddrie, VIC, 3042, Australia
Phone: +61 3937 54286
ABN: 68 751 067 867

Kick Starting KPFC 2019+

Background: After the withdrawal of our Men’s Senior Team for 2018, the committee made a commitment to our supporters and players that we would review every aspect of how we run football operations, whilst also developing a sustainable 3 year plan to ensure we never find ourselves in this situation again. So to kick start our return to Senior Football in 2019 and beyond, we will be holding an initial kickoff session to hear from our KP faithful on past issues and future solutions. The session is open to everyone from retired & past players, families, friends and anyone with an interest in seeing the Senior Men’s Devil return in 2019.

What: Kick Start KPFC for 2019 and beyond

When: Monday 28th May 7:00pm

Where: Keilor Park Sports Club

How: Sports Community is a sporting professional consulting group who have been engaged to work with the KP community in developing a 3 year business plan to ensure KPFC initially get their senior team back on the park, but more importantly ensure sustained success and growth for the long term.

KPFC Senior Side

Dear Keilor Park Families,

It is with a heavy heart that the KPFC Club have decided to withdraw our senior team for season 2018. The decision was agreed as the best way forward to ensure our senior side remain respected and capable of challenging the best in the league on a weekly basis far into the future.

Unfortunately; due to a number of factors this pre-season, including the loss of many of experience players to –

• retirement
• career commitments
• injuries

and coupled by an inability to turn potential recruits into players, we simply haven’t been able to form a team that is suitable of playing competitive and respectful football within the EDFL competition for season 2018.

The club has exhausted every possible avenue; but have simply been unable to retain and attract enough players to commit to the upcoming senior season. For the first time in years, our balance sheet, junior program and now woman teams are strong, but these successes have simply uncovered other deficiencies in the clubs administration and operations to support a senior group that needs urgent addressing.

As a club we no longer accept living in uncertainty week to week and demand a sustainable future for our members, players and juniors. By resetting and reviewing every aspect of the club we aim to regain the trust and respect of the footballing community. With the support of members, players, strong balance sheet and especially the EDFL we are adamant of returning the Devil to senior ranks in 2019.

We’d like to thank the league for their offer to provide guidance and assistance in not only developing a business plan, but also measures to ensure we don’t find ourselves in this position ever again.

We would also like to thank our Senior Coach and Life Member Marcus Barclay for his passion for the club and ongoing efforts in trying to field a competitive team.

As a committee, we openly apologise to everyone impacted by this late decision, including players, members, EDFL and opposition clubs, but it honestly wasn’t until late March that the unfathomable reality really hit home.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to any of the committee members for clarity either directly, or through our committee email addresses most notably, or

Keilor Park Football Committee

Letter to Members