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Auskick 2018 – Coaching Opportunity

We are short 2 coaches this year, so we need your help? Are you Interested in coaching Auskick at Keilor Park Juniors and being our next generation footy coach?

Come along and share your child’s or friends children’s first experience at playing the game of champions! You never know, we may just have another Alex Jesaulenko or Matthew Lloyd on our hands ready to start their football career!

All about our Auskick Right Here

Please contact Peter McGrady:

Level 1 AFL coaching accreditation is available

Learn how to teach your own and others the art of football

Auskick coaching has all drills defined within a 10 week program to make 1st year coaches life easier

Friday Snacks Are Back

From 6:00pm to 8:00pm  on Fridays – Footy Snacks are back at the canteen

Chips, Hotdogs, drinks – all the wonderful things that make the footy great!!

Pop in after Auskick & Junior Training and kick up your feet before heading home.

Labour Day Weekend

Good Afternoon Everyone

We hope you are enjoying your long weekend – maybe you have visited Moomba, spent the weekend away or just spent time at home relaxing with family and friends. Whatever you have done, we hope you have enjoyed yourselves.

Just to re-cap this weeks news


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Auskick Starts 16 March

Auskick start 16th March

Come and let the kids get a great start into their “football careers”

Auskick registration only $91 online via (under Keilor Park)

First Year Second Year Third Year
  • Size 1 Auskick football
  • Personalised door sign
  • Footy card album and pack of footy cards
  • Pack of Team Zone footy cards
  • Football pump
  • AFL Club of Support bookmark and badge
  • Personalised lunchbox
  • Size 1 Auskick football
  • AFL Club of support t-shirt
  • Pack of Select footy cards
  • Football Pump
  • AFL Club of Support bookmark and badge
  • Personalised drink bottle
  • Ultra-grip football
  • Pack of Select footy cards
  • Football Pump
  • AFL Club of Support bookmark and badge