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Rebel Sports – New Sponsor


If you are after sports equipment for Christmas presents, then please checkout REBEL.   They offer some amazing specials and if you register with their loyalty program, they will donate 5% of every dollar you spend to the Keilor Park Football Club, plus you’ll receive exclusive offers and discounts.   Last year this was worth over $400 to the footy club and paid for extra training footballs and whistles.

The store at Taylors Lakes is one of the largest REBEL stores in the area and is also the store most aligned to KPFC.    The KICKBACK program works at all REBEL stores, but the Taylors Lakes store understands the program best.

NB: The program is called the ‘AMART Community Kickback’ Program and although initiated under the AMART store title, it is still valid under the new REBEL management.

399 Melton Highway
Taylors Lakes, VIC, AU 3038


Club Treasurer Position Vacant

With the sad passing of our 2017 Club Treasurer, we are again looking for someone interested in running the club accounts (Senior & Junior).   They need to be experienced with MYOB and have some financial administrative background.      The role primarily involves paying bills, preparing monthly financial reports and annual budgets.

After a few years of financial struggles, our finances are in a solid state again.   We’ve paid off our debt and now have all our financials structured and managed within the MYOB financial management system.  For those that know the MYOB Financial System, it produces all the reports, budgets & tax statements you need, as well as recording all payments and income received.   The system is accessible from a home computer or a club laptop dedicated to the Treasurer position.

The role is open to anyone interested from all levels of the club.   No need for a football background, as this will be provided by the Club Committee & Football Department, but the role does provides incredible insight into how Football Leagues and Sporting clubs operate.

The Clubs Sponsorship Manager is currently doing the role until Christmas, but cannot do both roles into the new year.     But he will be available to induct initially and continue to assist the NEW treasurer throughout the year, as will the entire Club Committee.   The role requires no additional attendance to games or functions than what you would already attend, other than a monthly committee meeting.

Anyone interested please let me know.

KPFC Treasurer – Position Description

Thank you,
Peter McGrady
Junior Coordinator

Junior Committee Meeting

Everyone is welcome to attend to share their ideas and all feedback is appreciated.

Date: Thurs 12th Oct at 7:00pm – 8:00pm

Where: 25 Wyong Street, East Keilor (Peter McGrady’s House)


  • 2017 Season – Lessons learnt
  • Committee focus for 2018
  • Junior Coaching applications
  • Registration package
  • Dates
    • Pre-Season training
    • Registration dates
  • Committee Positions
    • Communication Coordinator
    • Events Coordinator
    • Merchandise Coordinator
    • Registrar
  • AOB?
  • Next Meeting Date?


2017 AGM

Keilor Park FC Needs Your Help!

On Monday, 2nd October at 7:00pm, Keilor Park Football Club and Keilor Park Sports Club will hold their AGMs for 2017 at the KPFC Clubrooms.

We would like to ask all our members to come along to the event and have some input into how the club will approach the future and build on 2017.

All positions will be made vacant and all members are invited to nominate themselves, or someone else for a position. The positions available include, but are not limited to:

  • President
  • Vice-president
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • General Committee members

As mentioned above, the Keilor Park Sports Club will hold their AGM on the same night so come along and hear about all the great things the sports club has achieved this year and where we’re headed in 2018!

As many of you are probably aware, it takes a great deal of enthusiasm and effort to keep a sporting club running and the more people that volunteer to help, even if only for short periods of time, makes things so much easier and gives us the greatest chance at success!

We have made some great off-field progress this year and on-field our junior footballers are making great strives forward. While our senior results haven’t always gone our way we are predicting significant improvements in 2018!

Please, if yourself or anyone you know might be interested in getting onboard in anyway to help out our great club, please attend the AGM and hear about all the great and exciting things that are happening. A quorum of 30 people is needed in order for the AGM to proceed. Your support is and always will be greatly appreciated by the Devil!